How to Pack Dishes before Moving

This segment outlines how to pack dishes, stemware and light-weight small appliances to minimize breakage. … [Read more...]

Get your home and family ready for: Back to School Mode!

Schools back

Summer is just about over, and it’s time to get yourself, family and home back into school mode.  This time of year can be chaotic for most, especially after playing and late summer nights.  Now that the days will be getting shorter, it will be getting darker soon, and school is around the corner … [Read more...]

Things you should know before driving a moving truck

moving moving

Driving a moving truck is way different than driving your own personal vehicle.  It takes a lot longer to get from point A to B.  Allow yourself more time and space for reaction.  If you’ve never driven a moving truck before, here are some things you should know: Turning the truck:  Trucks make … [Read more...]

Storage Directory Coming Soon


Hi Everyone, We wanted to give our regular viewers an update on our site.  We apologize for any problems we have had on the site with being able to use certain functions.  We are currently working on a complete storage directory that will have every listing in the U.S.A available.  There will be … [Read more...]