Become a Licensed Mover in Texas

Licensed mover in Texas

    When inquiring about how to become a licensed household mover in Texas, this step by step guide on the requirements that need to be fulfilled use: Obtain a USDOT # - - No fee, but have a MC or Visa ready to ensure a digital signature … [Read more...]

MOVERS PROTECT YOURSELF-Details and Documentation Can Help Avoid Confusion

Be Detailed When you are Giving a Moving Quote

MOVERS PROTECT YOURSELF-Details and Documentation Can Help Avoid Confusion When Giving a Moving Quote One of the biggest areas that moving customers complain about is “the move cost more than it was quoted” and one of the biggest areas of frustration for moving companies (and movers) is “the … [Read more...]

There Are Too Many Reasons You Should Belong To Your State Moving Association

Belong to Your Movers Association

  The role of your state moving association is very important and beneficial for everyone involved.  AMSA (American Moving & Storage Association) strongly recommends that all of its members become involved with their moving associations.  These are some of the points that AMSA stresses and … [Read more...]



        With the economic recovery proceeding slowly, Congress and the Administration continue to support tax incentives to encourage business investment.      In the 2010 Tax Relief Act, President Obama and Congress agreed to 100 percent bonus depreciation for qualified property acquired … [Read more...]


Truck service directory for trucks

The National Truck and Trailer Services Breakdown Directory or, is a comprehensive network of service providers in the U.S, and Canada providing information like repair facilities, towing services, pricing, and hours of operation in a free search that drivers and dispatchers for … [Read more...]

MOVING EQUIPMENT-Tools and Supplies to Make Your Self Move Easier

moving blankets

MOVING EQUIPMENT-Tools and Supplies to Make Your Self Move Easier If you are going to move yourself there are tools, equipment, and ideas to make yourself much more prepared.  Follow these tips and you’ll make your move much smoother on moving day. Choosing your rental truck is an important … [Read more...]

Dirty Fridges are a Health Risk


Having a dirty fridge is more then just gross, it can actually be harmful to your health. Most people only thoroughly clean their fridges when they are moving, especially under it. The horrors under fridges are unlike any mess you've ever seen. Anyway scientists say that fridges should be … [Read more...]


Proper care is needed for your tires which can save you money in the long run.

  Like with any other trucking company, moving companies spend a lot of money on tires so understanding tire wear can help correct problems and add life to moving truck tires.  Tire wear can be researched in great detail at the American Trucking Association Technology and Maintenance Councils … [Read more...]

MOVING DAY: How to stretch before your move to avoid injury

hamstring stretching is critical to protect yourself from injury

Since moving is a physically taxing event, warming up and stretching are good ideas to help prevent injury.  We will cover some good rules of thumb to follow and tips on the timing of your “moving stretch” that can make you less sore when it’s all said and done. While many people stretch out when … [Read more...]

NUTRITION TIPS FOR MOVING: what to eat when you are moving

Healthy eating for moving day is important.

   Whether you are moving your own 1 bedroom apartment or you are a professional mover, there are definite advantages to fueling your body properly.  Similar to a biker, hiker, or other athlete that expends energy for a long period of time a mover (novice or professional) should use these mover … [Read more...]