How to keep your home clean with pets


Whether you are a dog, cat, fish, or other type of pet owner, pets can cause a big mess and make your home dirty.  Today we will discuss some easy steps to keeping your home clean and smelling fresh. When the weather is rainy, or it is muddy outside, it’s good to place a towel in a waterproof box … [Read more...]

Repair or Replace Your Moving Truck


Given the difficult economic times, many movers (and other trucking companies) are keeping their vehicles longer.  When a movers’ fleet gets old the choice becomes purchase new, purchase used or repair.  There are pro’s and con’s to each depending on the movers’ financial stability, credit … [Read more...]

Tax Treatment of Cell Phones & Tax Scams Update!

E Moving Storage - Picture

  Tax Treatment of Cell Phones  The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has recently clarified (via IRS Notice 2011-72) the tax treatment of employer-provided cell phones or other similar telecommunications equipment that was originally enacted (changed) last fall in the Small Business Jobs Act of … [Read more...]

Move Into The Future With The “Green Packer”

Go green for the future

The Green Packer was created by moving professionals with over 40 years experience in packing and transporting households across America. Used just one time, moving professionals will never take on another job without a Green Packer on board.    Packing and moving can be made easy with the new … [Read more...]

MOVERS PROTECT YOURSELF-Details and Documentation Can Help Avoid Confusion

Be Detailed When you are Giving a Moving Quote

MOVERS PROTECT YOURSELF-Details and Documentation Can Help Avoid Confusion When Giving a Moving Quote One of the biggest areas that moving customers complain about is “the move cost more than it was quoted” and one of the biggest areas of frustration for moving companies (and movers) is “the … [Read more...]


Truck service directory for trucks

The National Truck and Trailer Services Breakdown Directory or, is a comprehensive network of service providers in the U.S, and Canada providing information like repair facilities, towing services, pricing, and hours of operation in a free search that drivers and dispatchers for … [Read more...]

MOVING EQUIPMENT-Tools and Supplies to Make Your Self Move Easier

moving blankets

MOVING EQUIPMENT-Tools and Supplies to Make Your Self Move Easier If you are going to move yourself there are tools, equipment, and ideas to make yourself much more prepared.  Follow these tips and you’ll make your move much smoother on moving day. Choosing your rental truck is an important … [Read more...]


Proper care is needed for your tires which can save you money in the long run.

  Like with any other trucking company, moving companies spend a lot of money on tires so understanding tire wear can help correct problems and add life to moving truck tires.  Tire wear can be researched in great detail at the American Trucking Association Technology and Maintenance Councils … [Read more...]

NUTRITION TIPS FOR MOVING: what to eat when you are moving

Healthy eating for moving day is important.

   Whether you are moving your own 1 bedroom apartment or you are a professional mover, there are definite advantages to fueling your body properly.  Similar to a biker, hiker, or other athlete that expends energy for a long period of time a mover (novice or professional) should use these mover … [Read more...]


truck tires

  Here are some moving truck tire tips to help extend the life your truck tires and help them operate at their best. This may seem like a “master of the obvious” type comment, but check your tire pressure and condition of your tires often at least at the start of every trip or day.  By CHECK … [Read more...]