How to Make Moving like a Sport

Moving is one of those events that people dread with a passion. We are here to try to make it more enjoyable for you and your friends in college.  This moving game is targeted for 18-25 year’s old males.

1.) Have an even number of individuals and separate everyone into two teams. Come up with a team name.

2.) Label each box/item with a point number corresponding to how difficult it might be to carry to the U-Haul, Truck etc…
For example, a small box might be only 2 point, but moving the refrigerator might be 10 points.

3.) Buy a Nerf Basketball rim and set it up in the house.

4.)Setup a free throw line. For every 10 points, a person gets a shot that is worth 2 points from the free throw line.

The objective of the basketball shot is to add another element to the game.

4.)Half-time-  You’re going to have to take a break. During halftime the team that currently is leading in points gets a free Facebook status update on one of the opponent’s Facebook wall.  As college students this will probably be a gold mine. It will bring a good laugh and bring positive energy for the second half.  Some examples of some great status updates:

5.) Finish up the game. When everything is moved out the team with the most points wins and receives free dinner, drinks…

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