Packing Tips for April

Packing Tips for April

  If you’re doing a move this spring, here are a few simple packing tips for odds and ends to make your relocation process easier. Packing Jewelry and Small Valuables:  Remember most moving companies will not take your valuables unless a high value inventory is done.  Make sure to move … [Read more...]

Common Packing Mistakes

Packing disaster

Common Packing Mistakes The following is a list of common packing mistakes that can be problematic and costly.  Some of these are common sense related, but others aren’t as obvious.  In any case, they are all avoidable and easily fixable.  Make sure that you avoid these errors when packing your … [Read more...]

When To Pack Your Boxes For Your Move (If you Live in a house)

china cabinet

  If you decide not to use professional movers/packers and will be packing your home, here is a guide on when you should pack your household items. WHAT TO PACK 4 WEEKS BEFORE YOUR MOVE Go ahead and pack items that aren’t being used.  Crawl Spaces, attics, basement storage, certain garage items … [Read more...]


Packing Scams

When it comes to moving, there are a couple of tricks that moving  or packing companies can do to make your moving, (packing costs) go up dramatically.  It is important that you are around all the time, if you are having professional packers, professional movers do your move.  These tips will help … [Read more...]

Top 10 Packing Tips-What Not To Pack

Top 10 Packing Tips

Whether you move yourself or use professional movers, there are a few different reasons why items are on this list.  From legal reasons, to safety, to liability, to convenience are all potential reasons but we’ll go point by point and tell you why you should keep these items with you or not pack … [Read more...]

Moving Across the Country (and the Hassles That go With it)


Moving across the country is a serious pain, but if you have to there some decisions you need to make and some things to keep in mind. You need to choose weather or not you want to fly your stuff or drive.  There's some things you need to take into account with both. Flying -Finding the … [Read more...]


Canned goods can be packed in small or medium boxes for moving.

When you move, you can pack and bring some food with you (depending on the length of the move and what the food actually is).  Here are some tips for packing food and ideas of what to keep and what to discard. If you are doing a local move and it’s to be completed in the same day, you can take a … [Read more...]


Its a good idea to get your grandfather clock service after moving your grandfather clock

  If you want to learn how to move a grandfather clock, follow these grandfather clock moving tips.  There are basically 2 areas to keep in mind when moving a grandfather clock:  the mechanical preparation and the cabinet move. Mechanical preparation: First, we’ll start with the mechanical … [Read more...]


Stress free vacation by knowing how to pack properly.

Before you leave for vacation, there are some loose ends you should tie up like make sure you contact credit card companies so they don’t decline transactions, alert neighbors to look out for strange people around your home, shut things down like gas valves, water lines, set alarms, and lock doors … [Read more...]


Make sure all 4 corners of the motorcycle are strapped securely.

                                                                                    Whether you are using motorcycle movers, household movers, or moving your bike yourself, here is some information regarding the process. If you’re using a moving company, siphon out or run the bike out of … [Read more...]