Storing Medicine Properly

Storing medicine properly is important

The best place to store your medicine is in a cool dry place, out of a child’s reach.  A safety box or locked cabinet is generally a good idea.  Many people tend to store their medicine the bathroom, which is probably one of the worst places you can store medicine, especially when it comes to … [Read more...]

Laundry Room Storage

Laundry room storage

Laundry Room Storage There are many different options for laundry room storage.  The trick is to make it feel less like work.  There are many ways to sort and dry your clothes and have your laundry room more organized.  Here are some ideas to help reorganize your space. Stacked Washer and Dryer- … [Read more...]

Things to bring with you when looking for the perfect apartment

apartment finder

When you’re trying to find the perfect apartment to move into, here is a list of things you should bring with you to help you find the place just right for you.  When it comes to deciding, it will make the process more organized in making your final decision. PAPER AND PEN It’s a good idea to have … [Read more...]

4 Reasons To Consider Renting A Self Storage Unit

renting a storage unit

If your home is cluttered and you are tripping over things or feel like a hoarder, it may be time to consider renting a storage unit.  Self storage units can be used for seasonal clothing, out of season decorations, out of season nick knacks, seasonal toys, bills, paperwork, etc.  You can also use … [Read more...]

Questions To Ask Before Renting A Self Storage Unit

renting a storage

Before you choose your self storage facility, here are some questions you should ask the storage facility manager before you choose the right one for you to make sure you are at ease to know your goods being stored are in good hand. Is there an alarm in the facility?  Is there 24 hour … [Read more...]

Tips and Self Storage Options for Business Owners

Organized Storage Unit

Owning a business, you know that paperwork can turn into piles and piles on your desk (and into your office space) pretty quickly if you do not give a lot of effort in staying organized.  Self storage may be a good choice if you have run out of room, or don’t know what to do with files, extra … [Read more...]

Bathroom Organization and Storage Ideas

Being orgnaized is key to making the most out of your bathroom storage

  The bathroom is probably the most used room in your house. A room that receives so much attention requires form and function as well as style and comfort. Typically, everyone needs to share the same bathroom for different purposes. Usually, these purposes need to be performed in a short period of … [Read more...]

Wedding and Prom Dress Storage

wedding dress

  Two of the most memorable events in a woman’s life will be her prom night (which is all about the dress) and her wedding day (which is all about the dress). We see a trend here, but what do you do with those two dresses once the event is over? Typically, most women will return the prom … [Read more...]

Storing Diamonds-Keeping Your Diamonds Brilliant

diamonds are a womens best friend

  Whether it’s a ring, bracelet, pair of earrings,  or necklace, diamonds are a women’s best friend.  Regardless of how popular these items are, they are usually only worn on occasion verses everyday (unless  a wedding ring or wedding band).  Diamonds are the hardest known substance(crystallized … [Read more...]

Kitchen Cabinet Storage-Sensible Kitchen Storage Solutions

Organization in your kitchen saves you from much frustration

  Kitchen cabinets can be a major source of frustration if they are not properly organized, but on the other hand, a kitchen with sensible storage solutions can be a highly efficient machine. There are a number of different kitchen cabinet storage solutions that can make getting organized easier, … [Read more...]