This is Why We Have Friends…


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5 Awful Things That Neighbors Do


When new neighbors move in its only human to try and be civil and kind to them, but sometimes they can take advantage of you. There are some things that neighbors do that can just annoy and infuriate you, yet you may struggle to do anything about it due to being nervous, or just not wanting to have … [Read more...]

TV Shows About Storage


Storage Wars If you have not heard of the show Storage Wars on A&E its definitely something worth checking out. When rent is not paid on a storage unit for three months it is put up for auction.  Inspection of the uni is allowed but  for only 5 minutes.  The winners of the units may have … [Read more...]

Burglar locks himself in storage


A burglar in Missouri tried to rob a storage unit over the weekend, but caught himself real unlucky. A security guard who was on duty noticed that the door was ajar and locked it. Little did he know that the burglar was inside the storage unit and when cops arrived they had received an early … [Read more...]

5 Really Cool and Creative Doors


Are you building a home or making some changes to one that you just bought?  Well, why not get creative or do something really nice with your door.  They can be taken for granted at times and often ignored. Check out some of these designs: Pros: This style is very nice looking and elegant, … [Read more...]

Dogs in Boxes

dog in box

As a part of the Animals in Boxes Series eMovingStorage proudly presents the next chapter... … [Read more...]

Cats in Boxes


Aw, you have begun your move and your cat found its way into a box.  How cute. And so begins the Animals in Boxes Series... … [Read more...]

Creative Ways to Move Furniture


No matter how hard you try the couch will not fit through the doorway. Time to get creative and do something that is potentially dangerous. You need to get this piece of furniture into the house. Wow, that was pretty cool, it actually worked. But for every success there are some failures, … [Read more...]


Two Blue Male Figures Lifting And Carrying Away A Tan Couch Whil

A family member or a buddy asked you to help him move a couch.  "Yeah sure", you respond. Simple enough right?  Wrong.  Moving a couch is awful, it always starts out feeling light but then gets heavier as you realize that the distance you must travel is further then you thought.  Your grip is … [Read more...]



You know moving your objects into storage can be difficult, but here's a great image of how to move out like a boss. … [Read more...]