This is Why We Have Friends…


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POTATO STORAGE-How to Store Potatoes Correctly


Storing potatoes isn’t like storing household goods but there are some rules to follow to ensure proper potato storage.  Potatoes can be stored for months if you care for your potatoes properly. First, make sure your potatoes are storage worthy by inspecting them for soft spots, sprouts, and … [Read more...]

5 Awful Things That Neighbors Do


When new neighbors move in its only human to try and be civil and kind to them, but sometimes they can take advantage of you. There are some things that neighbors do that can just annoy and infuriate you, yet you may struggle to do anything about it due to being nervous, or just not wanting to have … [Read more...]

STORING COLLECTIBLE TOYS-How to Store Collectible Toys

Storing Collectible Toys

Storing collectible toys is not as easy as it might sound. Any collector of toys knows that the value of a collectible is directly tied to its condition, and a large part of determining the condition of a toy is how it is stored. Whether you plan to one day sell your collectibles or if you simply … [Read more...]

TV Shows About Storage


Storage Wars If you have not heard of the show Storage Wars on A&E its definitely something worth checking out. When rent is not paid on a storage unit for three months it is put up for auction.  Inspection of the uni is allowed but  for only 5 minutes.  The winners of the units may have … [Read more...]


Storing your childs toys in a closed top bin is an easy way to keep off the floor.

Storing children's toys can be an important part of moving, and whether you have kids that play with a large number of toys or you collect toys yourself, considering how they will be stored and moved is something to consider. Many toys have small moving parts that can be damaged if stored … [Read more...]

Burglar locks himself in storage


A burglar in Missouri tried to rob a storage unit over the weekend, but caught himself real unlucky. A security guard who was on duty noticed that the door was ajar and locked it. Little did he know that the burglar was inside the storage unit and when cops arrived they had received an early … [Read more...]

SHOE STORAGE-Tips for Storing Shoes

Shoe storage is easy if you have the proper storage device

Everyone has at least a few pairs of shoes, but some of us have more than just a few. For those of us who love our footwear, finding a way to store all of our shoes can be a big hassle, and failing to do so often ends up with shoes scattered across the house. Shoe storage is easier than you might … [Read more...]

5 Really Cool and Creative Doors


Are you building a home or making some changes to one that you just bought?  Well, why not get creative or do something really nice with your door.  They can be taken for granted at times and often ignored. Check out some of these designs: Pros: This style is very nice looking and elegant, … [Read more...]

Dogs in Boxes

dog in box

As a part of the Animals in Boxes Series eMovingStorage proudly presents the next chapter... … [Read more...]