Cats in Boxes


Aw, you have begun your move and your cat found its way into a box.  How cute. And so begins the Animals in Boxes Series... … [Read more...]

Creative Ways to Move Furniture


No matter how hard you try the couch will not fit through the doorway. Time to get creative and do something that is potentially dangerous. You need to get this piece of furniture into the house. Wow, that was pretty cool, it actually worked. But for every success there are some failures, … [Read more...]


Two Blue Male Figures Lifting And Carrying Away A Tan Couch Whil

A family member or a buddy asked you to help him move a couch.  "Yeah sure", you respond. Simple enough right?  Wrong.  Moving a couch is awful, it always starts out feeling light but then gets heavier as you realize that the distance you must travel is further then you thought.  Your grip is … [Read more...]


storing medicine should be your # 1 priority especially with children in the house

  Every year there are reports of children and even adult visitors taking drugs from medicine cabinets in homes, some of which end with tragic accidents. Many people have large numbers of pharmaceuticals in their homes, especially if they have an injury managed by pain medication, regular … [Read more...]



You know moving your objects into storage can be difficult, but here's a great image of how to move out like a boss. … [Read more...]

STORING CDS-How to Store CDs and DVDs properly

Keep your cds and dvds in their original container for the best protection.

Many people have large collections of music, movies, video games, and other media on CDs and DVDs. While disks are a very efficient form of storage, and are much more resistant to damage and degradation over time than, say, a VHS tape, they still need to be stored properly in order to prevent them … [Read more...]

HOW TO STORE SILVER-Silver Storage Tips

Storing silver is a tricky process.

Many antique collectors know that silver is a notoriously finicky metal, and there are many different ways it can become tarnished or damaged. Storing silver is a tricky process, especially because there are so many different things to consider. One of the key aspects of keeping silver looking … [Read more...]

A brief history of Stolen Art from Storage and Museums

tres personajes

Art has been stolen for centuries and we're here to show you several famous pieces that were stolen while in storage, museums and homes. To make this easier for you, we're going to use a  Lamborghini as our currency model. Therefore, 1 Lamborghini Gallardo= $205,000.00 Stolen art  is … [Read more...]

Hoarding and how it Affects Us.


A great infograph about the many characteristics of hoarders, and how the hoarding psychology works. If you have a lot of extra items don't keep them, but put them in storage. If you have anymore questions, please check out our storage guide. Via: Psychology Degree … [Read more...]

STORING BEER – Keeping Your Brew at its Best

Most beer are not brewed to be aged.

Depending on a few factors, it is easy to devise an effective plan to store your beer and keep its freshness and taste.  Most beers are not brewed to be aged, but there are some exceptions to this rule.  Contacting the beer brewer if often a first step when trying to determine the best option for … [Read more...]