Storing Medicine Properly

Storing medicine properly is important

The best place to store your medicine is in a cool dry place, out of a child’s reach.  A safety box or locked cabinet is generally a good idea.  Many people tend to store their medicine the bathroom, which is probably one of the worst places you can store medicine, especially when it comes to … [Read more...]

Tips and Self Storage Options for Business Owners

Organized Storage Unit

Owning a business, you know that paperwork can turn into piles and piles on your desk (and into your office space) pretty quickly if you do not give a lot of effort in staying organized.  Self storage may be a good choice if you have run out of room, or don’t know what to do with files, extra … [Read more...]

Bathroom Organization and Storage Ideas

Being orgnaized is key to making the most out of your bathroom storage

  The bathroom is probably the most used room in your house. A room that receives so much attention requires form and function as well as style and comfort. Typically, everyone needs to share the same bathroom for different purposes. Usually, these purposes need to be performed in a short period of … [Read more...]

POTATO STORAGE-How to Store Potatoes Correctly


Storing potatoes isn’t like storing household goods but there are some rules to follow to ensure proper potato storage.  Potatoes can be stored for months if you care for your potatoes properly. First, make sure your potatoes are storage worthy by inspecting them for soft spots, sprouts, and … [Read more...]

STORING COLLECTIBLE TOYS-How to Store Collectible Toys

Storing Collectible Toys

Storing collectible toys is not as easy as it might sound. Any collector of toys knows that the value of a collectible is directly tied to its condition, and a large part of determining the condition of a toy is how it is stored. Whether you plan to one day sell your collectibles or if you simply … [Read more...]

SHOE STORAGE-Tips for Storing Shoes

Shoe storage is easy if you have the proper storage device

Everyone has at least a few pairs of shoes, but some of us have more than just a few. For those of us who love our footwear, finding a way to store all of our shoes can be a big hassle, and failing to do so often ends up with shoes scattered across the house. Shoe storage is easier than you might … [Read more...]


storing medicine should be your # 1 priority especially with children in the house

  Every year there are reports of children and even adult visitors taking drugs from medicine cabinets in homes, some of which end with tragic accidents. Many people have large numbers of pharmaceuticals in their homes, especially if they have an injury managed by pain medication, regular … [Read more...]

STORING CDS-How to Store CDs and DVDs properly

Keep your cds and dvds in their original container for the best protection.

Many people have large collections of music, movies, video games, and other media on CDs and DVDs. While disks are a very efficient form of storage, and are much more resistant to damage and degradation over time than, say, a VHS tape, they still need to be stored properly in order to prevent them … [Read more...]

HOW TO STORE SILVER-Silver Storage Tips

Storing silver is a tricky process.

Many antique collectors know that silver is a notoriously finicky metal, and there are many different ways it can become tarnished or damaged. Storing silver is a tricky process, especially because there are so many different things to consider. One of the key aspects of keeping silver looking … [Read more...]


Proper baseball card storage is necessary to keep your collection in good condition.

  Baseball cards can increase in value over time if they are kept in good condition.  Many people collect them for enjoyment purposes, while others collect them for financial reasons.  Proper baseball card storage can help your cards from losing value, the key is to keeping your cards in perfect … [Read more...]