Cow moving In


A cow got a little too excited and wanted to move in to this market. Crazy don't you think, but good thing the Police came to the rescue. … [Read more...]

How to Move a House or Church


This is quite a sight as church is being moved in Germany. No word on when the next church service will be or if the church members also moved with the church. … [Read more...]

Best Box Ever


Boxes can be boring, but with a touch of a sharpie and a little imagination from your mind; a box can be alive with creative ideas on it. Think outside the box and decorate your box with various ideas that stem from your imagination. … [Read more...]

Moving for a New Job


Moving for a new job can be exciting and scary for an individual. Change is a good thing as it fosters the development for personal change within a person. If you're stale in the same position growth will not occur nor new passion from a person. Life is a continuously growth process and moving out … [Read more...]

Moving Stuff Like a Boss


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