How to move your pets the right way

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You want to move your pets and don't know the proper way to move them. Whatever you do don't put them in a sealed cardboard box. … [Read more...]

Cow moving In


A cow got a little too excited and wanted to move in to this market. Crazy don't you think, but good thing the Police came to the rescue. … [Read more...]

How to Move a House or Church


This is quite a sight as church is being moved in Germany. No word on when the next church service will be or if the church members also moved with the church. … [Read more...]

Moving in a Cargo Truck


If you don't want to move and create your own R.V. check out what this chinese couple decide to do. They converted their cargo van into a moving home. Impressive, and a very unique place to live. It will not be legal in the U.S so don't get any ideas. … [Read more...]

Should I move in with my boyfriend


If your boyfriend dresses up as a Gorilla, you shouldn't move or marry him. I would believe you need to be with your boyfriend for at least three years before you start moving in with him. Within those three years you should see how his personality is in genuine color and decide based on that. It's … [Read more...]

Crazy Neighbor: Do you need to move?


Everyone has had that one neighbor in their lifetime who was just an oddball. Oh, you're talking about "enter name here." … [Read more...]

Before Moving Into A New Home


Before moving into a new house you have to decide if you still want to get that cute puppy that you saw at the pound. If you have a small puppy can you give it the proper amount of attention and love? If the answer is No please don't consider getting a pet as they're a lot of work and can be time … [Read more...]

Top Five Reason to Move Now


If you have of these reasons, you should move right now. The Neighbor Cocaine sniffing Cat. The Gang of … [Read more...]

How to Pack For Your Move


Moving doesn't have to be so difficult, therefore, we found some of the oddest and funniest images of individuals moving their items. Please don't move your items in this manner or form and please use our site for more help regarding anything … [Read more...]

Neighbor Award


I have had a bad neighbor and took the circumstance into my own hands. I gave my neighbor an award. What do you think? … [Read more...]