Moving A Tree Across the County

Two drunk guys deciding that they want to move a tree on a bike. Is it possible? … [Read more...]

Cow moving In


A cow got a little too excited and wanted to move in to this market. Crazy don't you think, but good thing the Police came to the rescue. … [Read more...]

Crazy Neighbor: Do you need to move?


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Top Five Reason to Move Now


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How to Pack For Your Move


Moving doesn't have to be so difficult, therefore, we found some of the oddest and funniest images of individuals moving their items. Please don't move your items in this manner or form and please use our site for more help regarding anything … [Read more...]

Neighbor Award


I have had a bad neighbor and took the circumstance into my own hands. I gave my neighbor an award. What do you think? … [Read more...]

Dealing With Bad Neighbors


How do we deal with bad neighbors? Put a sign and hope they will change for the better? … [Read more...]

Moving Box Art


Moving and don't want to have boring boxes? How about drawing some art on them? … [Read more...]

Moving Because of Neighbors


Do you have a neighbor who plays music in their house at the utmost highest possible volume? Talk about being inconsiderate of his or her neighbors. Would it force you to move if it became too much? … [Read more...]

Neo moving back into the Matrix


Even Neo is hurting in this economy. … [Read more...]