Be a Pro in Moving House!


If you are one amongst the thousands who’ve had to pick up all your belongings and move to a new location or community, these moving tips and tricks could be life saving! Preparing for ‘Moving home’ 1. Get organized early- This is probably the first step in this mammoth process. Figure out the … [Read more...]

Packing Tips for April

Packing Tips for April

  If you’re doing a move this spring, here are a few simple packing tips for odds and ends to make your relocation process easier. Packing Jewelry and Small Valuables:  Remember most moving companies will not take your valuables unless a high value inventory is done.  Make sure to move … [Read more...]

Top 10 Packing Tips-What Not To Pack

Top 10 Packing Tips

Whether you move yourself or use professional movers, there are a few different reasons why items are on this list.  From legal reasons, to safety, to liability, to convenience are all potential reasons but we’ll go point by point and tell you why you should keep these items with you or not pack … [Read more...]

MOVING EQUIPMENT-Tools and Supplies to Make Your Self Move Easier

moving blankets

MOVING EQUIPMENT-Tools and Supplies to Make Your Self Move Easier If you are going to move yourself there are tools, equipment, and ideas to make yourself much more prepared.  Follow these tips and you’ll make your move much smoother on moving day. Choosing your rental truck is an important … [Read more...]


Stress free vacation by knowing how to pack properly.

Before you leave for vacation, there are some loose ends you should tie up like make sure you contact credit card companies so they don’t decline transactions, alert neighbors to look out for strange people around your home, shut things down like gas valves, water lines, set alarms, and lock doors … [Read more...]



Whether its home movers, Seattle home movers, Miami home movers, Dallas home movers, or property movers, or anywhere in between, one of the decisions to make is whether you want to self pack or have your items carrier packed.  Expense is the real question.  If you get a moving quote, also get a … [Read more...]