Moving A Tree Across the County

Two drunk guys deciding that they want to move a tree on a bike. Is it possible? … [Read more...]

Cow moving In


A cow got a little too excited and wanted to move in to this market. Crazy don't you think, but good thing the Police came to the rescue. … [Read more...]

How to Move a House


If you ever wonder how does one transport and move a house from one region to another look no further than these images as examples for your eager curious mind. Don't want to move out of that house that you grew up with? Just transport it to its new location! … [Read more...]

Moving Stuff Like a Boss


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How Not To Move Your Car


How does one transport a car that doesn't work? By loading it in another truck with nine guys. A very simple solution that might create some back pain for some of the old guys moving it.  It also bring another question up to mind: One has to wonder if they're moving the car or stealing it? … [Read more...]