Tips for Decorating Your Home with Plants

Decorating your home with Plants

A simple way to add life to your home’s décor is by adding plants.  You can use them as the center of attention or as an accent piece off to the side on a table, or near an end table, pedestal, window, etc, to add some vibrance to the room you are decorating.  Decorating with plants however, … [Read more...]

Things You Should Not Say to a Moving Company

Be careful what you say to moving company

  When getting a quote from a moving company, there are some questions and/or comments you should probably avoid.  This doesn’t mean you have to tip toe around them and accept any quote you get, it means to exercise caution when interacting with your potential movers and understand how … [Read more...]

Finding a Mover From the Internet

find a mover

Internet Moving referral lead sources can be useful but whether it’s a “find a mover” website or “rate a mover” referral type website that grades vendors there are some things to keep in mind.  We’ll separate by the 2 main types and review. Find a Mover Website Most moving referral websites or … [Read more...]

3 New Year’s Resolutions if you are Moving this Year


New year’s resolutions are usually helpful like losing weight, or quitting smoking, but our list of 3 moving resolutions (for people who are relocating this year) can be time-saving and stress relieving.  Our New Year’s resolutions break up into 3 areas; identify, organize, and discard.  Identify … [Read more...]

Meeting Your Neighbors After You Move


When you move into a new community, neighborhood, or building, it’s a good idea to get to know who your neighbors are.  Knowing your neighbors, and being familiar with your surroundings can provide a safer environment for you and your family besides building some new relationships that can last a … [Read more...]

Plan A House Warming Party After You Move


An open house or housewarming party is always a perfect way to meet neighbors, and welcome friends and family into your new home.  You are busy and have a lot going on, so keeping it simple is important. Don’t spend months planning, you probably have a million other things to do.  If you do an … [Read more...]

9 Moving Myths-Know The Facts

Question Mark

There are many myths out there about moving.  These will help identify some of the misconceptions out there, so your moving experience can be better planned, saving you time, and money in the long run. ALL CONTAINERS ARE THE SAME FOR MOVING: Moving boxes are specifically made for packing, … [Read more...]

Moving During The Holidays

Hire a mover during the holidays, it's definitely the best time to do so.

Tis the season to be jolly, but having to move or relocate during the holidays can be very stressful.  Here are some helpful tips that can make your holiday a little more enjoyable for you and your family! Scheduling Professional Movers:  This is a good time especially (if you can afford it), to … [Read more...]

Moving Resource: How to get Local Moving Quotes and what to expect

Moving resource

Most moving companies base their local moving quotes on the time it'll take for them to pack up the contents of your household and transfer it to the new location. The Movers would also be willing to give you a general quote online for you to compare, however for a more accurate quote, a live … [Read more...]

Onsite Long Distance moving Quotes-What You Can or Should Expect

Long distance moving quotes

  Long Distance Moves or Interstate moves are generally based on weight and distance so a visual onsite estimate by a professional moving company is definitely the best method to get an accurate quote.  It’s a good idea to get 3 different companies to come out and provide you with quotes for … [Read more...]