Moving Resource: How to get Local Moving Quotes and what to expect

Moving resource

Most moving companies base their local moving quotes on the time it'll take for them to pack up the contents of your household and transfer it to the new location. The Movers would also be willing to give you a general quote online for you to compare, however for a more accurate quote, a live … [Read more...]

Onsite Long Distance moving Quotes-What You Can or Should Expect

Long distance moving quotes

  Long Distance Moves or Interstate moves are generally based on weight and distance so a visual onsite estimate by a professional moving company is definitely the best method to get an accurate quote.  It’s a good idea to get 3 different companies to come out and provide you with quotes for … [Read more...]

Long Distance Moving Quotes Over the Phone: What you can (or should expect)

Make sure you know what to expect when getting a quote over the phone

  Interstate moves or what most people call “long distance” moves are based on weight and distance.  They can be priced as a space reservation or by an “expedited” rate but for our purposes we will figure that interstate shipments are rated on weight and distance if they cross state lines.  … [Read more...]

LOCAL MOVING QUOTES OVER THE PHONE: What you can (or should) expect.

moving quotes

  In most states a “local move” or “intrastate move” is based on time so if you get your quote over the phone there is certain information that your local moving estimator should gather.  A visual “onsite” estimate is usually more accurate but for small moves like studio or one bedroom apartments … [Read more...]


Weighing shipments take place at a truck scale.

When it comes to the moving world, movers are required to weigh the shipment long distance or interstate, unless the shipment is 1000 pound and can be weighed on a warehouse platform scale. Your licensed mover is required to determine the weight of the shipment by one of the following: Origin … [Read more...]


This is the second type of estimate provided to the customer by the mover.  Unlike a binding estimate, the mover whether apt mover, building mover, or household goods mover, should not charge for giving a non binding estimate. A nonbinding estimate is not a contract, it is provided to the … [Read more...]


Whether you use ABC movers, Beltway movers, or any van lines movers, it is not a requirement of the mover to provide you an estimate, however most companies will provide the customer with one.  There are 2 types of estimates provided by the mover, and the first one that will be covered is a BINDING … [Read more...]


Whether you are looking for simple movers, good movers, or elite movers, an estimate is an important part of the local moving process.  Once you have established a list of 3 or 4 movers you would like to use.  The next step is to get an onsite estimate.  In most states local movers are required to … [Read more...]

Moving Quotes – What to expect and how to ask for one

A quote is an important part of the moving process. Whether your moving interstate, international or just cross the street from your house, a good moving company should give you a Free, Professional and cost effective quote for their services and the estimated time of completion. You should speak … [Read more...]